Monday, March 21, 2016

Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development Services

Digital marketing, web design & development services is an umbrella term which is made up of three distinctive services, namely- digital marketing, web development and web design. The individual definitions of all of these distinct functions or process are mentioned below to provide you a better understanding.

Planning For Website Design

Digital marketing-

Again, a single term used to aggregate many different tasks and functions with the sole purpose of promoting the respective brands, products and/ or services over the modes of electronic media. In the simplest of terms it is marketing over digital portals. 

Digital Marketing Sign Of Business Success


Web Designing-

This term also encompasses a string of different skills and functions; all referring to the various design aspects of a website. In the broadest terms the various aspects of a web design include- the interface design, graphic design, search engine optimization, and user experience design. 

Interface and Graphic Design

Web Development-

Web development also is a broader term comprising of every task and process that is related to the development of a website; both on the internet as well as on the intranet. Development however simple for example for a single plain text, or however complex for example a full-fledged e-store; all comes under this head. 

Web Development Process Of Any Website

All of the three functions mentioned above are critical parts of the whole e-commerce industry. Both the web designing and web development process are more like the preparation part of any website or e-store. And the digital marketing function is what comes after the website has been launched, that is, after all the preparations have been made. Though these processes have different purposes, they are all critically important. That is why you must hire professionals help, for example web development companies like W4 Consult or independent teams for the purpose of getting your website developed. Also getting the marketing part is extremely essential for the success of any business. A badly prepared or implemented digital marketing plan will lead to exponential loses for any business. 

So whenever you are caught up in a flux deciding whether you need a web developer, web designer or a digital marketing expert; remember that all these are important and you will hence need appropriate support in all three segments.

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