Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tips to Hire Professional Web Development Services

Professional web development services refers to a  group of tasks which include the likes of building websites, web applications and other web operative portals. These services are performed and hence provided by many professionals (like w4consult) who have been working this segment for years. With the amount of competition in the e-commerce world, every business person/ individual/ entity needs to be at the top of their game. In this comes the requirement to have a fully functional and well equipped website.

In the midst of such competition and innovative growth it is a big responsibility on all businesses to hire a good professionalweb development services providing entity to get their website work done. To help all you reach a decision listed below are a few pointers on what to consider before finalizing a web development company for your work:

        Firstly, when considering hiring professional web developers or a web development company, check out if the company is well established and whether it has ample experience or not. You must hire professionals with some experience in web development world along with some established credit; or else there is a possibility that you will end up with average results.

       The next point of consideration is to see how much you will have to pay for getting the work done. For example, if you want to get a website developed, then you must check what on an average is being charged all over the market for the same task. Any entity that is over charging you for the same services is not worth hiring. There is tricky part though, because you have to sure of not letting go of good developers over just a little bit of currency. It would help to think of the website development as more of an investment, which is essential for growth of your business.

    Another thing to consider is the customer support. Always, always make sure that the company/ professionals you are hiring will provide you with support even after the development work are done. This way if you run into some problems, the original developers will be there to make corrections.
Make sure to make a smart decision, considering all of the points mentioned above.

Web & Mobile App Development Company in India

Web applications and mobile applications are computer programs that are designed to run on the World Wide Web and mobile devices respectively. With the high increase in the number of smart phone/ other mart device users the need for both web and mobile applications has also risen exponentially in the past few years. All these mobile and webapplications are developed for the purpose of providing the users with better operational efficiency and an ease of access.

The web & mobile app development companies in India have been working with numerous vendors and entities in an effort to provide the consumers with best possible web and mobile applications. The programmers from W4 Consult, a web & mobile app development company in India have listed a few programming tools which can work wonders for all individual mobile web app development projects. They are as follows:

      Chocolate Chip UI:

Developed by a web developer from California, Chocolate Chip is a framework which facilitates the development of a good mobile web application with the HTML interfacing. The framework is extremely comprehensive and is also flexible to increase efficiency of use.

  j    Query Mobile:

The jQuery is a framework which is centered on HTML in terms of the layout, which also makes it extremely easy to work with. The framework makes it possible for all users to dive into the mobile platform and produce a simple, clean UI for the Smartphone users.

      Alpha Five V10:

The Alpha five V10 has come a long way since the very first software developed by the company. This present version of the software provides the users with comprehensive set of tools to assist in developing web/ windows based applications. The Alpha V10 instills a good foundation in any web application creation system, and it comes with numerous demos, help/ support solutions etc.

      Angular JS:

While HTML is widely used for website development, and is extremely critical for such development needs, it is not exactly as efficient when it comes to building of applications. Angular JS is a tool which breaks these inconveniences by turning the HTML into a dynamic language and making it easier for users to develop applications with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Web Application Development Services: The Process

The advancements in the technological world have brought up many, many changes in the programming landscape. To accommodate this growing need for changes, progression and advancement every web application development services and other programming services provider must perform constant evaluations of the market and analyze the trends to serve their clients best. W4 Consult a web development and consultant company also believes that constant analysis of the market trends is the best way to perform to the optimum possible in the market.

Web application development is an ongoing process with the aim of developing applications to be used over the World Wide Web. These web applications supersede traditional desktop application both in terms of flexible functionality and the layers of risks involved.

The process of web application development is made of a number of stages including-

  • Thorough research of the market, market trends, client requirements and expectations.
  • Strategic high level thinking in keeping with the research and requirements framed thereof.
  • Meticulous planning regarding what to do, when and how so as to produce an efficient web application.
  • Proper implementation of the plans.
  • Testing of the application against various set standards and on various platforms etc.

Any web application development services providing company/entity must be cautious of these above mentioned levels in the process. Note that these levels are not definite in the sense that some developers may split the tasks in different categories differently; and this list is hence true in a broader sense.Just like most other programming solutions have now consist of customization options, a web application can also be customized to meet the exact needs of a certain individual/entity. The best part about opting for custom web application development is the fact that the web application can be tailored in almost any possible way to perfectly fit the way the respective business functions. This gives more flexibility, more usability to the respective business and an overall better experience to all the users. Hire professionals from the likes of to get your web application developed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Website Design and Development Company

Website Design

Website Design and Development Company|w4consult

Website Development

Website Design and Development Company|w4consult

Every website design and development company must face this situation a million times. The situation where clients just simply assume that web design and web development are both the exact same thing. Well, here’s some news for all of you who also think that they are the same thing- they are not. 

But it is completely natural for all of you to be confused between the two. And the reason for this confusion is that you all refer to web development and design, with what you see on the screen via your browsers. In reality,

What you see on screen, i.e. on a website/ webpage is actually the design of the respective portal and thus refers to web designing.

In contrast what goes on behind the screens, the mechanical system which brings to you that particular page is what actually web development it.

This forms the first difference between web designing and web development in broad terms.

Another more increasing cause of this confusion can be the fact that more and more companies/entities and individual professionals are building their knowledge and skill set to include both web designing and web development. One such company that has been performing in both these segments is W4 Consult (official web address- 

Another point of difference between web designing and web development is, in comparative terms, the web designers are web architects, as their job is to focus on the way the website looks and the way it feels onscreen. They are supposed to be visual experts and are hence supposed possess skills like sense of color, sense of space and a knack for graphics.

The web developers on the other hand are more like the builders of the web whose job is to focus on the way the website is built, the tech and the mechanics behind it. They are hence supposed to possess skills like linear thinking abilities, logical appropriations, and a knack for all things technical.

Also, there is no set or definite degree educational requirement for web designers; however they must be proficient in design software. Web developer in contrast must be educated and/ or trained in computer languages and must possess must solid degree education.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Create PHP & WordPress Business Website

PHP is a scripting language used for web development purposes and other general programming needs by many. PHP can be combined with multiple web template systems to create dynamic and interactive business websites. Word Press, an open and free CMS and is also a diversely used platform. PHP is one of the two server side languages used under Word Press programming needs. When considering whether to create PHP & Word Press Business Website, look at the following base functions of PHP everywhere (including in Word Press) that W4 Consult has laid down:

    · Firstly, PHP helps the server process and understand what to send to the visitor’s browser. This is the basic advantage and purpose of PHP language.

    · It is much easier to put in Word Press specific info with PHP.

    · PHP allows you to pull images, and other media files; to the Word Press website.

    · With PHP you can save and read content from database.

These were just a few functions PHP allows you to perform but why should you opt for Word Press content management system. Well if you are confused, let’s make the decision easier for you by listing the advantages of making a business website on Word Press with PHP:

·  The first benefit of using Word Press is that you do not need to be an expert programmer when using this CMS. All you need is a web browser, an internet connection and access to the Word Press website, which you most definitely do have.

· Word Press is the perfect platform for small businesses looking to start themselves up online.

·  The next advantage of using Word Press is apt for both full-fledged websites as well as blogs.

·  The new and constantly developing Word Press plug-ins help in adding numerous business features to websites, making it extremely beneficial for individuals to startup their business websites with Word Press.

While using Word Press is stated to be quite easy, there may be times when you need support from professionals with experience. Visit the professionals at who are equipped with all the skills needed for performing the most tedious of development and troubleshooting tasks.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Web Design Company Offer Custom Website Design

Custom web designing seems to be all the rage right now. People are going above and beyond to get custom website designs, and web development companies are touting out custom development as their most alluring feature. But what exactly is custom design and why do you need custom designs?

Let’s begin with a brief note about custom website designing is.

Custom website designing implies building a website from scratch, starting on a fresh design and idea; instead of just relying on and using a pre-made template for the website design. Now while website templates are more generic and become common from general use, custom design will include design features that are tailor made according to your exact business and its needs.

Why Choose Custom Website Design over Template Designs?

Figuring out why businesses are opting for custom designs can be a little confusing for incumbents. Here is a list of reasons which most simply highlight the positives of custom designs over templates:

    1. Better Search Engine Rankings:

One of the most important factors which determines whether search engines will consider your website when produce search engine results is the authenticity and uniqueness. Custom designs provide your website with uniqueness and will take away any duplication doubts. Thus making it a viable candidate for search engines.

    2. Better Search Engine Optimization:

Another component which makes for high ranking in search engine results is the keyword, links and other sorts of search engine optimizations. Building a website and customizing it as per your needs gives you better scope of inducing SEOs as against template designs.

    3. Higher Quality and More Sophistication:

In comparison to free template designs or any other template design with little customization, the custom designed websites appear more sophisticated. Custom designs also correlate to higher quality in the minds of customers.

    4. Better Security: 

    A template is something that you just pick and hence have no knowledge of the source of code. In comparison, custom designs are built from scratch, which means you know everything about of the website. This feature induces in your website an inherent security which is absent in case template websites.

           W4 Consult understands all these criticalities of custom website design/ development and hence provides topnotch services in this segment of web development. Reach them at

Friday, April 22, 2016

E-Commerce Web Design and Development Company in India

E-commerce is the only platform with such universally wide reach. It is the perfect platform for both the launch of any new businesses and also for the previously established ones. All you have to do is set up an e-commerce store/ website/ webpage for your business and start progressing. But is it really that easy? Well, you do need a good website to begin with. And web designing/ development is a task most suitably done by professional companies. One such expert e-commerce web design and development company in India is W4 Consult. W4Consult has been working in the field of both web design and web development with a perfect success rate.

Since everything about e-commerce is dependent on the website or the e-store, it is important for every business to get their website developed in the most favorable way for them and their customers. The experts from W4 Consult carefully observe the product / service you are providing and then observe the industry/ market you operate in. In addition to this they also analyze the customer needs of your target base, the competition patterns and then based upon all these observations they proceed with designing the perfect web solution for you. 

Every e-commerce website/ store has to have some most integral features, for good performance and a successful business journey. Few of the most important features as per W4 Consult are as follows:

  • The ability to search and advance search the products.

  • Proper and well defined categorization and even sub- categorization of products.

  • Product reviewing and rating options

  • User/ customer account creation and maintenance feature

  • Proper security measure to keep the customer data secure

  • News letter and email notification options

  • Secure transactions (SSL)

  • Integrated payment getaways

  • Order management

  • Customer support mechanism

These are just a few of the features which make the e-store efficient; which is why you must ensure that the web design and development professionals you hire provide you with all these features. W4 Consult ensures that the solutions they provide their clients with are equipped with all these and many other features.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Choose W4 Consult? The Website Design and Development Company

Knowlege, Competence, professionlism 

W4 Consult is a Website Design and Development Company proudly standing by its decision to provide all in the virtual world with the best design and development services. The The company’s portfolio consists of numerous website designs with ample variation and complexities. As per the design experts at W4 Consult, every good website designing must be cautious of and include the following key features:

·    The Business Information Should not be Neglected: 

 Most Important in Web Designing

   One of the most important parts of website design and development is that the website should efficiently exhibit ample information about the business. For example, there are some designers who believe in vibrant, huge and multi-faceted landing pages. But in focusing too much on the vibrancy of the designs, they often end up neglecting/ under-highlighting the real info about the business. 

·     Newsletter Subscription Option: 

   Subscribe Newsletter for Latest Updates
     Every business, online or not, depends on proper marketing. And the best way to market a website is to send marketing emails/ newsletter to prospect and present clients. Every website must thus have a section which collects emails from the customers. No matter what sort of business you are in, this is an essential and key feature.

·         Easy to Understand Navigation Options: 

 Nevigation Options hepful while browsing site
     Think of a map without any road markers/ area markers; or with overtly complicated road names or even extremely short names. Seems useless right? Well, just like such a map, a website without clean and precise navigation markers/ menu names will prove to be a complete dud. So, in terms of navigation links and names, it is better to be sensible and clever rather than plain cryptic.

·         Good Website Hosting System: 

     Best to Spend for Good Services
      The web hosting platform and specs you choose make all the difference in the management, performance and overall functionality of the website. W4 Consult believes that it is best to spend a little extra when it comes to hosting than messing it around and hampering the for the worse.

The services that W4 Consult link- boasts of being the best in are not limited to just website design and development. They also provide other digital marketing services, technological consulting services and mobile app designing services.