Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Website Design and Development Company

Website Design

Website Design and Development Company|w4consult

Website Development

Website Design and Development Company|w4consult

Every website design and development company must face this situation a million times. The situation where clients just simply assume that web design and web development are both the exact same thing. Well, here’s some news for all of you who also think that they are the same thing- they are not. 

But it is completely natural for all of you to be confused between the two. And the reason for this confusion is that you all refer to web development and design, with what you see on the screen via your browsers. In reality,

What you see on screen, i.e. on a website/ webpage is actually the design of the respective portal and thus refers to web designing.

In contrast what goes on behind the screens, the mechanical system which brings to you that particular page is what actually web development it.

This forms the first difference between web designing and web development in broad terms.

Another more increasing cause of this confusion can be the fact that more and more companies/entities and individual professionals are building their knowledge and skill set to include both web designing and web development. One such company that has been performing in both these segments is W4 Consult (official web address- 

Another point of difference between web designing and web development is, in comparative terms, the web designers are web architects, as their job is to focus on the way the website looks and the way it feels onscreen. They are supposed to be visual experts and are hence supposed possess skills like sense of color, sense of space and a knack for graphics.

The web developers on the other hand are more like the builders of the web whose job is to focus on the way the website is built, the tech and the mechanics behind it. They are hence supposed to possess skills like linear thinking abilities, logical appropriations, and a knack for all things technical.

Also, there is no set or definite degree educational requirement for web designers; however they must be proficient in design software. Web developer in contrast must be educated and/ or trained in computer languages and must possess must solid degree education.

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