Thursday, August 25, 2016

Web & Mobile App Development Company in India

Web applications and mobile applications are computer programs that are designed to run on the World Wide Web and mobile devices respectively. With the high increase in the number of smart phone/ other mart device users the need for both web and mobile applications has also risen exponentially in the past few years. All these mobile and webapplications are developed for the purpose of providing the users with better operational efficiency and an ease of access.

The web & mobile app development companies in India have been working with numerous vendors and entities in an effort to provide the consumers with best possible web and mobile applications. The programmers from W4 Consult, a web & mobile app development company in India have listed a few programming tools which can work wonders for all individual mobile web app development projects. They are as follows:

      Chocolate Chip UI:

Developed by a web developer from California, Chocolate Chip is a framework which facilitates the development of a good mobile web application with the HTML interfacing. The framework is extremely comprehensive and is also flexible to increase efficiency of use.

  j    Query Mobile:

The jQuery is a framework which is centered on HTML in terms of the layout, which also makes it extremely easy to work with. The framework makes it possible for all users to dive into the mobile platform and produce a simple, clean UI for the Smartphone users.

      Alpha Five V10:

The Alpha five V10 has come a long way since the very first software developed by the company. This present version of the software provides the users with comprehensive set of tools to assist in developing web/ windows based applications. The Alpha V10 instills a good foundation in any web application creation system, and it comes with numerous demos, help/ support solutions etc.

      Angular JS:

While HTML is widely used for website development, and is extremely critical for such development needs, it is not exactly as efficient when it comes to building of applications. Angular JS is a tool which breaks these inconveniences by turning the HTML into a dynamic language and making it easier for users to develop applications with it.

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